Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Florida Vaction

We just went on our first family vacation to Florida! It all started about 2 years ago, when BYU announced that they would be playing Florida State. My 2 brother-in-laws both went to BYU and are big BYU football fans, but live in Tennessee and North Carolina. So when this announcement was made, a trip to Florida was instantly in the works! We decided that if we were all going to go to the game, why not make a family trip out of it!!!!
We flew into Tampa and rented a beach house in Siesta Key, about 1 hour south of Tampa. We were only 1 block away from the beach......which was sooo beautiful! The sand is so white there, that it actually reflects the sun and is not hot! Here is our trip in pictures and I'll explain them as I go along! Enjoy!

This is Gracie's 2nd flight (first time with daddy)

She made lots of friends on the flights!

We were in the Chicago O'Hare airport on our way to our gate, and we passed this sign. I made Steve stop and take a picture because I work at Mont Blanc Center for Dentistry! So funny! I bet people thought I was crazy! Oh well, I am a little!!!

She is getting so big!

This is the airplane we flew to Tampa on.....the flight was so empty, Grace had her own seat!

Reviewing the safety instructions, just in case!!!

I'm sure she was thinking 'Ok mom, enough pictures already!'

This is Grace and Mark. This is the first time Grace had met Mark, her cousin. We went to the beach on Sunday night to watch the sunset.

I am so blessed with a happy these pictures, Gracie has an earache and a VERY sore throat (white spots)!

This is Grace's first time in the sand

She didn't like it!


On Monday morning, Arick, our nephew, was complaining of a sore throat, so we took him and Grace to the doctor. Turns out, Grace had a virus that was causing a sore throat with nasty spots and an earache and Arick had STREP :(

Hangin' with dad before nap time.
My baby is such a little beach bum! Even though she didn't like the sand, she LOVED the water!

Most nights, we would go to the beach for sunset and play Bocce Ball. This is Mark and grace watching us play. They are soooo cute!

The bigger kids loved playing with the babies.....I don't know how many times Arick asked me 'Are you sure we can't take Gracie home to Nashville with us?!?!'

So excited to go to the beach for the day.

We normally didn't head to the beach till noon or so, because of morning naps, but Grace had NO problem falling asleep on the beach for her afternoon nap! I have the best baby ever!

Our shade set up.

Steve, Andrew and Bri building a sand castle.

The best thing about vacation! My feet in the sand!
(Notice my toes....I did them myself! Grace had hers painted the same color to match mine!)
Steve's hair was out of control due to the length, thickness, humidity and wind!

Andy and Steve playing bocce.

That's my happy baby!

Grace playing with Bri and Arick. (She started tolerating the sand better mid-week)

So is so loved by her cousins!


Steve decided to have Arick help give him a new look!

AFTER: So much better

I'm a mean mom.......

I have this on video too!

Nap time!
(Notice the leg up.....pure relaxation!)

The last day at the beach :(

Liking the sand more and more!

I call this pose her Sports Illustrated pose.
'Freeze Hands'

Mommy and daughter

The family

Daddy and daughter


Couldn't resist writing in the sand!

That's right....I love my hubby!
My little beach bum!!!

Grace and Mark
I love that he is covering her bum crack!

'Why are we naked?'

'We don't mind being naked....just wondering!'

This one is my favorite!!!

Look at those rolls!!!
Some of my nieces and nephews......what cute kids!
Gracie with Auntie M!! Grace loved her!!!

My cute family!!!
Waiting for a shower
Showing her Cougar pride!

All the kids.....the 2 babies stayed at the hotel with Auntie M, and had a blast!

The Cougar buses
At the was so incredibly hot!!!

Sunday morning we drove around Tallahassee and checked out the FSU campus. This is the football was amazing!
Aren't we cute!

'Delta Delta Delta, how can I help ya help ya help ya?!?!?'
(Love that SNL skit!)
Mommy loves Gracie kisses!

I Houston wait to board our last flight.......Steve was keeping grace busy and I had to sneak these pictures.

She also had her own seat on this flight, and it was a good thing she did......she fell asleep right before we took off, and woke up right after we landed in Salt Lake! It was a VERY enjoyable flight!

We had a blast hanging out with family and playing on the beach, but it is always nice to get home and climb into your own bed!!!!